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Gordon L. Routledge.£7.95 + £1.50 p&p.

This interesting book tells the story about the Greatest Munitions Factory on Earth. Gordon explains  in details what really happened during those dark days of 1915 to 1918 at H. M. Factory, Gretna. The factory stretched from Dornock, a small community to the west of the A75 Euro Route; following the Solway Firth shore line on through Eastriggs and Gretna and across the Border into Longtown, a distance of nine miles. 30,000 people from across the Commonwealth worked at the factory, with its cordite instrumental in the Allies' victory at the conclusion of the First World War. Gordon at his finest! This book tells a real life story of many young women working in munitions at Gretna during World War 1.

The Sorrows of Quintinshill (2002).


Gordon L. Routledge. £6.95 + £1.50 p&p.

Gordon tells the story of this terrible disaster, providing an account of a rail disaster that surpassed any other accidents in British rail history. The accident occurred near Gretna Green, in Dumfriesshire on 22nd May 1915. 227 people lost their lives, with 246 injured in the burning and tangled wreckage of the five-train collision. A ‘must read’' for any Historian or Rail Enthusiast.

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Devil's Porridge Post Card Collection


£3.00 for a seven pack + 80p p&p.

 Here we have a range of postcards that have been carefully selected from our vast range of photo's. Card 1) King George and Queen Mary visit H M Factory Gretna 1917. Card 2) The Staff Club, Gretna. Now Hunters lodge: Circa 1918. Card 3) Central Hall, Eastriggs: Circa 1917. Card 4) Fire Station, H M Factory: Circa 1918. Card 5) Central Avenue, Gretna: Circa 1918. Card 6) Melbourne Avenue, Eastriggs: Circa 1917. Card 7) The Green, Eastriggs: Circa 1918.

DP Postcards Collages (Medium) Visitor Attraction 3 Insignia

Recipes from Wartime.


£2.00 + £1.50 p&p.

A challenge for the entire family. Recipes that will make your mouth water, and what our own families had to do during World War Two.

Try the recipes out and let us know how you got on!!

Gretnas Secret War (Small) War Time Receipes (Small) Sir James Fireless Loco (Medium) Sir James Locomotive

H M Factory Gretna's

Unique Railway System.


£2.00 + 50p p&p.

Read about H M Factory Gretna's unique railway system, and how the workers transported highly explosive materials, including the finished product - 'Cordite' around a factory that was over nine miles long by two miles wide.

An extraordinary leaflet and in Arthur Conam Doyle's words the 'workforce were producing much needed Devil's Porridge to feed the hungary guns'.

Our photographs show the Sir James a fireless steam locomotive.

Sir James

A fireless Steam Locomotive.

Recipes Com Back Page (Medium)

The cover tells the story! Recipes from around the Commonwealth with mouth watering mixes from around the world. This one is for the connoisseur in the household, who understands not just good food, but the best recipes available from the ‘Four Corners of the World.’

£4.95 + £1.50 P&P.

Recipes Com Front Page (Medium) PayPal Insignia