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Commonwealth Walk

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Walk in the footsteps of the best engineers, chemists and explosive experts the early part of the Great War could produce. The township of Eastriggs is a product of World War One.

Eastriggs Township was in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s words a ‘Miracle Town.’ Considerable thought went into the design phase of Eastriggs before the bricks were laid. The entire township was designed by prominent architects of the day to Modern Garden City Principles, providing the needs of the munitions workers.

Walk round the Commonwealth Village and discover why each of the streets has been named after far of places. You can visit Australia, Canada, South Africa, India, New Zealand and many others, a world tour in under two hours!

Look out for the shops, church, playing field, cinema, school and many other buildings that were all part of that important part of our early 20th century history.

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